Be recognized by the industry as specialists in global solutions of fasteners


“Help the industry build a sustainable future”


Our focus is to go beyond the product, giving a global solutiont for the fasteners management in our customers’ production plants. With this Fasteners Management focus, is how we give the best level of efficiency and competivity.
To become the preferred supplier thanks to our product availability and reliability, our efficiency and our customization in the customer’s need for fasteners management.



This is a fundamental value in guaranteeing the achievement of our long-term vision: winning the trust of our customers. This implies striving to fulfil our daily commitments as an essential premise in attending to the needs of others


We believe in the social responsibility that all organisations must exercise to help create a fairer and more balanced world. This must be expressed by displaying an ethical attitude to our staff, customers and suppliers and all our stakeholders, and as such, we have set up an internal ethics policy and make every effort to enforce its provisions.
Read the EPI Industries Code of Ethics


Family of Companies promotes diversity, based on the philosophy that each company and person needs its own identity and the ability to understand and interpret the reality of our environment. EPI INDUSTRIES Family of Companies aims to reinforce diversity as a symbol of wealth in order to build a better world.


We believe it is essential to generate work environments and design professional projects that will permit the creation of teams that can rise to the challenge of working in harmony. It is possible to go further and overcome the most interesting challenges by uniting efforts.


We have the strong conviction that no project can progress without a relationship that is based on more than simple rationality. Many factors in human dynamics are nurtured and developed based on a culture of the feeling of belonging and the feeling of responsibility and loyalty to shared ideas.


In a fragile and vulnerable environment, we consider our responsibility to align our business projects with social, environmental and economic sustainability. Our goal is to share, learn and spread our sustainable experiences with all employees and stakeholders around us with the challenge to achieve a better world.

Sustainable purchasing policy